Products Overview


SmarterCG Overview:
SmarterCG is a broadcast quality live graphics solution used for creating, displaying and controlling a variety of multimedia graphics. Graphics may be displayed via internal keying (overlay), or external keying where both fill and key signals are output at the same time.

SmarterCG can create as many projects as necessary by utilizing its multi-layered capabilities. The pages can be saved as templates and arrangements on templates can be made during the broadcast. It can reflect the changes out as the current display output on air at any time. It is possible to control each project given in the publication independently and without affecting one another. You can lock any object to prevent replacement. Meta tag can be added to each project in SmarterCG to find and play any project in short time. Read More


SmarterPlayout Overview:


SmarterPlayout plays HD/SD video files, multi-format and multi resolution with the mix of audio files in different sample rates. It automatically performs up-down conversion operations for you according to the set output. The CG application, displays logo, animations, crawls, rolls or different graphics on the playlist output . In addition to overlaying time, counter, up-down, bottom-up, sliding from left to right, right to left, and running scripts, image files in the playlist by planning, you can instantly overlay them on-air output. Read More


SmarterDataAgent Overview:

Smarter Data Agent (SDA) is an integrated Software that combines managing, scheduling, titling and broadcasting of multiple source inputs. SDA combines Social Networking and Social Media to create an easy and effective income generation. Technologies included in SDA are: SMS for TV, RSS for TV, Live Voting, Advertising Management (Ad Manager) and fully capable Character Generator Software.

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